About Us

The Carpenter Millwright College (CMC) has been established to provide practical training to those seeking employment in the construction trades. Our experienced instructors place an emphasis on delivering industry-approved programs and certifications that give students the skills required in today’s residential, commercial, and industrial construction sectors.

CMC is affiliated with the Atlantic Canada Regional Council of Carpenters, Millwrights and Allied Workers (ACRC) and is part of one of North America’s largest building-trades unions, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC), which represents nearly half a million members in the construction and wood-products industries.

With a dedicated focus on safety and comprehensive training, our goal is to provide employers with highly qualified, trained, and safe workers.

The Carpenter Millwright College is committed to training of the highest quality. Our state-of-the-art facilities, experienced instructors and staff, and up-to-date tools and equipment keep you at the pulse of what is happening in the current and emerging job market.

We partner with industry to deliver programs that are relevant and in-demand in today’s construction sector. CMC seeks to build beneficial relationships to facilitate its delivery of practical, high quality, employment-oriented training.

We place an emphasis on replicating a worksite atmosphere to give students real and practical learning opportunities. Successful graduates will enter (or re-enter) the industry as skilled workers and assist in achieving overall organizational goals.

Our values include:

1.    Safety – First and Always

2.    Training Excellence

3.    Integrity

4.    Diversity and Accessibility

5.    Student Support

6.    Beneficial Partnerships

Our motto is:
Well Trained. Work Ready.