Plans of Training

What are Plans of Training?

A Provincial Plan of Apprenticeship Training details the full scope of learning for a particular occupation, including both technical training competencies and industry experiences necessary to write an interprovincial (IP) examination (and complete the requirements for Red Seal Certification), or to write a provincial examination.

Provincial Plans of Training are developed by the Provincial Apprenticeship and Certification Board.

The Provincial Apprenticeship and Certification Board initially designates a new occupation for apprenticeship training, and then establishes an Advisory Committee to develop a Provincial Plan of Training according to National Occupational Analyses or separately-developed skills profiles.

Once developed, Plans of Training are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that curriculum remains current and meets industry standards. The Provincial Apprenticeship and Certification Board requests input on revisions from educational agencies involved in the delivery of training.

All newly developed or revised Plans of Training, upon approval by the Board, are distributed to educational agencies for delivery an implementation date is established by the Department for the newly developed or revised Plan of Training.

Each Plan of Training contains the following information:

  • Entrance requirements
  • Apprenticeship term
  • Duration of in-school and on-the-job training
  • Course content
  • Course designation as entry level or advanced level
  • Provincial occupation title
  • Tool and equipment required to support the delivery of the program (under development)

For individual Plans of Training, please visit Provincial Plans of Training and Atlantic Apprenticeship Curriculum Standards or contact the nearest Industrial Training office.