CWB Welder Qualification (10-Week)

Student will have the opportunity to learn approved standardized welding procedures and achieve CWB Welder Qualification certification (SMAW). Upon completion, the student must undergo examination by a CWB qualified inspector in each of the four standard positions (flat, horizontal, vertical up, and overhead).

Additionally, advanced students who complete their CWB Welder Qualification prior to the finish date will have the opportunity to obtain any/all of the following certifications:

  • CWB Stainless Steel Welder Qualification (SMAW)
  • CWB TIG Qualification (GTAW)
  • CWB Stainless Steel TIG Welder Qualification (GTAW)
  • CWB MIG Welder Qualification (FCAW/MCAW)

Course length: 10 Weeks

Pre-requisite: WHMIS 2015

Student-Instructor Ratio = 10:1

Minimum Participants = 6

Expiration = 2 Years

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