GE Gas Turbine Familiarization

Upon completion of this training, students will be able to perform the following activities in a timely manner and to industry standard:


  • 16-hour Millwright Safety
  • Describe a gas turbine and how it works.
  • Identify components of a gas turbine.
  • Describe inspection types and intervals.
  • Explain factors effecting turbine life.
  • Apply standard practices of pre-outage and outage scenarios.

Define turbine installation tasks:

  • Setting elevation with optical level and checking calibration
  • Grouting
  • Shaft alignment
  • River Hawk coupling bolts
  • Hytorc Bolting
  • Micrometer reading
  • Pant Leg washers
  • Wire tying
  • Garlock gaskets
  • Tubing fittings

Skill Objectives:

  • Use Optical Level
  • Align shafts with laser alignment kit
  • Use Hytroc bolt tensioner
  • Measure with a micrometer
  • Bend pant leg washers to standard
  • Wire tie bolts following standard work practice.
  • Re-connect tube fittings.
  • Crush Washers following standard work practices.

Course length: 1 Week

Pre-requisite: WHMIS 2015, Fall Protection, Confined Space

Student-Instructor Ratio = 10:1

Minimum Participants = 6

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