Carpenter (Pre-Employment)

In the Carpenter (Pre-Employment) Program, students will complete courses outlined in the Provincial Plan of Training for the Carpenter Apprenticeship. During this entry-level program, students will learn the essential skills of the trade and will be prepared, upon graduation, to enter the workforce as a first-year apprentice.

Once graduates earn employment as a Carpenter Apprentice, they are encouraged to contact the Division of Apprenticeship and Trades Certification of the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour to become a “Registered Apprentice.” Under the supervision of a Certified Journeyperson, the hours and competencies the apprentice earns will be then credited toward the qualifications required to become eligible to challenge the Interprovincial Exam.

For complete course details, click here for the Provincial Plan of Training for Carpenter.

Pre-Employment Carpentry
Course Number Course Name Hours
TS1510 Occupational Health and Safety 6
TS1520 WHMIS 6
TS1530 Standard First Aid 14
AJ1111 Carpentry Fundamentals 74
AJ1121 Rigging 30
AJ1160 Blueprint Reading 45
AJ1170 Residential Estimating 30
AJ1201 Layout & Footings 80
AJ1211 Wall Forms 80
AJ1221 Floor and Wall Framing 90
AJ1231 Exterior Finish 60
AJ1310 Roof Fundamentals 80
AJ1410 Interior Fundamentals 60
AJ1501 Interior Trim 60
AJ1601 Stair Fundamentals 60
AJ1760 Chain Saw Safety 4
AJ2420 Post and Beam 30
AJ2430 Scaffolding 45
HE1620 Powerline Hazards 4
LA1100 Confined Space Awareness 6
LA1110 Fall Protection Awareness 6
CAR155 Concrete 12
CAR225 Deck Layout and Framing 9
AM1000 Introduction to Essential Skills 9
AM1101 Math Essentials 42
AM1131 Carpenter Math Fundamentals 42
CM2161 Communication Essentials 36
SD1761 Workplace Essentials 24
MC1062 Computer Essentials 15
AP1102 Introduction to Apprenticeship 12
Course Number Course Name Hours
CAR-200 Building Science Principles 9
CAR-205 Building Envelope 6
CAR-170 Exterior Wall and Partition Layout and Framing 36
CAR-250 Preserved Wood Foundations 3
CAR-330 Exterior Wall Covering Systems 36
CAR-230 Introduction to Roof and Ceiling Layout and Framing 6
CAR-235 Gable Roof Layout and Framing 30
CAR-240 Roof Coverings 24
CAR-605 Exterior Windows 18
CAR-325 Exterior Doors 18
CAR-245 Straight Stairs 30
CAR-210 Advanced Site Layout 24
Course Number Course Name Hours
CAR-400 Stair Form 21
CAR-610 Excavation, Shoring, and Underpinning 3
CAR-415 Pre-Cast Concrete 6
CAR-420 Suspended Slab and Beam Forms 21
CAR-615 Column and Vertical Forms 21
CAR-305 Hip Roof Layout and Framing 30
CAR-310 Equal Slope Intersecting Roof Layout and Framing 30
CAR-405 Interior Wall Systems 15
CAR-410 Ceilings 15
CAR-620 Interior Doors and Windows 15
CAR-340 Interior Trim 18
CAR-315 Fixtures and Hardware 3
CAR-345 Cabinets, Countertops and Built-in Units 12
Course Number Course Name Hours
CAR-445 Project Planning 27
CAR-300 Building Science Practices 15
CAR-425 Special Roof Layout and Framing 24
CAR-435 Unequal Slope Roof Layout and Framing 33
CAR-625 Finish and Geometric Stairs 45
CAR-350 Flooring and Floorcoverings 15
CAR-630 Panels, Tiles, and Solid Wood Finished Installation 6
CAR-450 Renovation 15
CAR-635 Program Review 30